Due to growing awareness of Abacus and its life-long benefits for children, the demand for Abacus Trainer is increasing all over the world. Hence, the growth potential in this field is tremendous. Our Abacus Training Program covers all aspects related to methods of operating Abacus along with methods of teaching. Abacus Teacher Training with us includes training you on all aspects of an operation, skilling mind math, visualization, teaching plan, ongoing teaching guidelines, self-marketing strategies, plans and support.
Abacus Teacher Training Program is not only easy but also very rewarding. Upon completion, you can start teaching Abacus along with your current occupation since the classes are required to be conducted once or Twice a week, generally on weekends. Abacus Teacher Training Program is strongly recommended for any graduate, Entrepreneur, Educated Housewives, Individuals seeking part time or full-time career option, Existing Coaching Centers, Tuition teacher, School teacher, Parents for teaching their own kids.

Why Us?

  • Lowest Abacus Teacher Training Fees.
  • No Franchise Cost.
  • No Royalty.
  • No Prior Teaching Experience Required.
  • No Maths Based Qualification Required.
  • Well planned professional Abacus Training Program.
  • You will always be able to get in touch with us via Telephone No. WhatsApp chats, emails, etc.

Benefits of Abacus Teachers Training Program

  • Abacus Teacher Training is a unique opportunity to earn good income with minimal investment.
    No prior experience is necessary for teaching or in business.
  • Excellent opportunity to associate as you will be your own boss and earn throughout your life due to its demand in the present generation.
  • High earning potential against less investment is there as you can earn thousands by training children from home or your exclusive workplace.
  • Abacus training classes, due to its unmatched benefits for children is popular across the world.
    It gives opportunities to professionals to start their own Abacus Class, Training Institute or Center.
  • One can take training and get hired by any of the schools or institutions as a full-time Abacus Teacher.
    It provides flexibility as no weeks’ time is required rather trainers conduct these classes on weekends preferably on either Saturdays or Sundays.

Who Can Join Abacus Teachers Training Program?

  • Any graduate
  • Entrepreneur
  • Educated House-wives
  • Individuals seeking part time or full-time career-option
  • Tuition teacher
  • School teacher
  • Parents for teaching their own kids.

Abacus Teachers Training Program Details

  • Method of Training : Classroom Training
  • Syllabus : All level techniques are covered in training
    • Introduction of Abacus
    • Simple Sums (without Formulas)
    • Formulas:
      • Big friend Add & Less
      • Small Friend Add & Less
      • Combination Formulas Add & Less
      • Sums including formulas
    • Mental Maths (Without Abacus)
    • Tables
    • Multiplication
    • Division
    • Decimals Sum
    • Big Sums
  • Guidance for :
    • How to conduct classes?
    • How to do Marketing for Abacus Classes?
  • Material : Abacus Slate and Abacus Teacher Training Books
  • Certification : Abacus Teacher Training Program Certificate
  • Support : Through Whatsapp chat, E-Mail, Telephone etc..