Handwriting is an essential skill for both children and adults. For younger children: Handwriting activates the brain more than keyboarding because it involves more complex motor and cognitive skills. Handwriting contributes to reading fluency because it activates visual perception of letters. Handwriting is a predictor of success in other subjects, because good handwriting has a positive impact on grades. Cursive writing helps students, both young and old, with dyslexia. Cursive writing offers each letter a very different look and allows the pupil to write in a flowing, comfortable way. This can decrease their dyslexic tendencies and make them more confident in their abilities.


  • 100% Hand Writing Improvement.
  • Good Handwriting is essential to Score Good Marks in Exam.
  • We Train to Write Neatly, Clearly & in Fast Way.

Handwriting Course Details

  • Eligibility : From Std. 2 Onwards
  • Course Duration : 1 Month
  • Sessions : Monday to Friday 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm
  • Course Kit : Handwriting & Speed Writing note Book