Summer Vacation Batch 2019

Summer Vacation Batch Will be Starting From 15th April 2019 to 16th May 2019. Summer Vacation Offers New admission to ABACUS COURSE will get DMIT REPORT FREE !!! VEDIC MATHS Students will get 25% Discount on each Level !!! Handwriting Students will get 35% Discount on Fees !!! Rubik’s Cube Read more…


Summer Vacation Batch Details

Summer Vacation Batch Will be Starting From 16th April 2018 to 16th May 2018. Call Us : 9371233238 Our Popular Course Details MID BRAIN ACTIVATION DMIT REPORT ABACUS VEDIC MATHS RUBIK’S CUBE PHONICS CALLIGRAPHY HANDWRITING IMPROVEMENT & SPEED WRITING


Welcome to “Brain Boosters Abacus & Vedic Maths”.  Brain Booster Abacus & Vedic Maths has engraved its name in the field of education following the time since it’s beginning in the year 2011. From that point forward, the organization has blossomed with conveying quality training to the extensive number of Read more…