Parents Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Abacus, a mental maths concept. It is a brain development program that originated in Japan. Abacus is modern representation of an ancient art of brain development to increase speed, creativity and memory skills which automatically results in students all over development and solid foundation for children. Read More
Most children start this program between ages 5 – 14. The ideal age to start is 5th or 6th year, because the brain cells are vigorously learning which connections to keep and which to discard. As well, between the ages of 4 to 14, the brain is super active. At about age 10 or so, half the connections will have died off, leaving about 500 trillion that remain fairly constant through most of our life spans. Also, children over the age of 10 may have a steeper learning curve before experiencing the full benefits of our system.
Absolutely! A student who has already demonstrated advanced ability in mathematics will still benefit greatly from learning the Abacus method. Brain Boosters Abacus graduates learn new techniques and better understand how calculations work, enabling them to do their work faster and more accurately. That’s powerful knowledge to take forward into secondary school and beyond. Plus, the whole brain development and life skills, Brain Boosters Abacus fosters will help your child excel in any subject.
Yes and no. There are distinct differences in the two methods. However, if a child is able to start the program prior to or concurrent with being taught traditional methods, there is minimal conflict and the child will easily work within both systems. If a child starts the program later, having already received traditional foundations, there may be a slightly extended learning period (approximately 3 months) for the child to accept and integrate the image abacus method.
The Brain Boosters Academy's Mental Abacus program trains students to quickly and accurately do complex calculations without the aid of a calculator or Abacus or other helpers. Introduce the concept of visualization and thinking in pictures.
Brain Boosters Academy promotes whole brain development, develops foundational skills like focus, listening and creativity and trains the next generation of leaders to face the challenges of an increasingly competitive environment. Read More
To put it simply, this is a challenging program. However, history has shown that very few students withdraw from the program until a basic proficiency, and the associated dramatic improvement in ability, is achieved. This is largely due to the extremely positive reinforcement that a child receives as the program begins to take effect. A positive cycle of achievement and the enhanced self-esteem that comes from accomplishment begins early and sustains the child through the significant effort that is required.

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