Abacus_Classes_In_Pune_Kasba_PethAbacus, a Mental Maths concept. It is a Brain Development Program that originated in Japan. Abacus is modern representation of an ancient art of Brain Development to increase speed, creativity and memory skills which automatically results in students all over development and solid foundation for children.

Abacus is an amazing technique that assists students to do basic arithmetic calculations accurately and quickly. This method activates right as well as left side of the brain and helps students in achieving very high calculation speeds. It helps students to improve their concentration, memory power and enhance their creativity and visualization power.

Abacus helps the child to develop concentration, creativity; listening and comprehension skills to allowthe process of 360 degrees brain development for normal children aged 4-14. For enhancing mental calculation abilities among children through speed and accuracy and to remove the fear of mathematics for school going kids to make the process of learning enjoyable and fun-loving.

An Abacus device is a gadget used for addition and subtraction, and the related operations of increase and division. It doesn’t require the use of pen and paper, and it’s useful for any base number framework. There are two fundamental structures for the math device: a uniquely checked level surface used with counters (counting table), or a frame with beads on wires (bead frame).

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